LSI LASTEM designs and manufactures a wide range of data loggers for environmental applications. With very low power consumption, expanded signal capacity and protections against severe environmental conditions, LSI LASTEM data loggers are the ideal solution for measurements in meteorological, air quality, indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring applications.

The different features of LSI LASTEM instruments suits virtually any environmental monitoring procedure, guaranteeing accurate and reliable monitoring of physical parameters both for portable and continuous application, outdoors and indoors. 

Alpha-Log is the latest model of the LSI LASTEM’s data loggers’family. It contains the most efficient technical solutions coming from 40 years’ experience of LSI LASTEM about data acquisition systems. Alpha-Log 
was created with the clear need to be an autonomous acquisition system, but also with capability to be integrated into more complex systems. Special care has been given to the system usability and data management 
features, realized having in mind the most state of the art requirements.


-  Linux operating system for data managing and communications. integrated PC Linux with open architecture
-  Large number of inputs for both analogue, digital and serial signals
-  Large multilevel memory for data storing. Removable external memory
-  3G communications, Wireless Router, Ethernet, WiFi, Satellite. Automatic switch from one media to another
-  Low overall power consumption with low-power mode operational function
-  MQTT and Modbus RTU / TCP protocol for integration with third-party systems
-  Wide programmability of events logics, with local outputs or providing information to remote systems
-  Alarms: by means of instant messaging system (Telegram), SMS, Email and local digital outputs
-  Advanced data processing for rain analysis: total values, intensity, total accumulation and current.
-  Upload of the configuration on FTP server and automatic upload of the file on remote Apha-Log system. Local upload using USB flash drive.
-  Remote firmware update.
-  Integrated temperature and atmospheric pressure sensors

Main features

Inputs for analogue and digital sensors

On the main system
-  N.2 impulsive digital inputs for two independent rain gauges, or one doubled reed relay gauge.
-  N.1 dedicated input for temperature and RH% sensor
-  N.1 analogue input for Pt100 sensor.
-  N.1 0/4 ÷ 20 mA input
-  N.1 dedicated input for storm front distance sensor
-  Barometric pressure and Temperature integrated sensors

On external input extension module
-  N.8 analogue single-ended inputs (n.16 differentials),
-  N.4 digital inputs (Frequency, ON/OFF)

Inputs for serial sensors
On the main system 
- N.1 RS485 opto-insulated port, 
- N.1 SDI-12, 
Alpha-Log can be connected by RS-485 bus to one or more external RS485 sensors using the Modbus RTU protocol in Master mode. The connection is made via the RS485 bus console.

Data statistical elaborations

Starting from the measured values, Alpha-Log statistically processes and stores the data on different time bases (up to 6 bases from 1 sec to 24 hrs):
-  Average/Minimum/Maximum/Standard deviation
-  Wind analysis
-  Totals, Current totals (used for rain analysis *)
-  Mobiles (*) and Currents (**) Average/Minimum/Maximum/Standard deviation

Data memory

Alpha-Log has a large internal memory (400 MB) and an external removable memory (capacity up to 32 GB) with FAT32 file system. The external memory can be extracted and connected to a PC for data transfer. Alpha-Log stores and sends 
data in ASCII format.

Data communication

It is possible to send data to remote servers by means of different devices:
-  3G and 4G modem
-  3G router
-  Ethernet, WiFi
-  Satellite
It is possible to program the destination of the data (ASCII format via FTP protocol) to one or more independent servers. Furthermore, it is possible to program the instrument to send data by MQTT protocol to an MQTT Broker 
server. Alpha-Log can simultaneously use two communication devices and automatically choose the best option according to the availability of the signal, thus optimizing communication and its cost.

Data communication rate

Alpha-Log can adjust the data communication rate to FTP servers according to alarm situations. For example it is possible to increase the communication rate when the intensity of the rain is greater than a certain programmable 

Data communication (via Modbus protocol)

It is possible to send data to Modbus Master devices via RS232/485 using Modbus-RTU protocol, and via Ethernet using Modbus-TCP protocol. Data can concern the instantaneous values, but also mobile or current statistical values.

Electrical outputs

Alpha-Log has n.3 electrical outputs that can be activated using configurable logics depending on the data acquired. These outputs become Relay outputs using appropriate external modules.

SMS, Email and MQTT notifications

Alpha-Log, according to the configured logics, sends notifications by the following means:
-  SMS: It is possible to set SMS messages and distribution lists
-  Email: It is possible to set distribution lists and messages that will be sent via email. The email contains the file containing the data that generated the event
-  Telegram: Alpha-Log can be programmed to send data to a Telegram server, from which the programmed users are conveyed.


Telegram is a free "cloud based" instant messaging application. Pluvi-ONE, during each available communication, sends the data (via MQTT protocol) to an MQTT broker server managed by LSI LASTEM on which a Telegram service is 
installed. The LSI LASTEM Broker exchanges data with the Telegram server, this server sends the information to subscribers who have requested the type of available data. 
The service foresees that every single user or group, 
protected by password, can request a series of data from to Alpha-Log:
-  Instant values
-  Last period data 
-  Diagnostic 
Furthermore, the user can configure a series of alarms that will be notified to him in case of occurrence. The configured service ensures the protection of the data of each individual station and their disclosure only to defined users.

Integrated absolute pressure sensor
Alpha-Log mounts an integrated absolute pressure sensor, having 500÷1100 hPa range and ±0,25 hPa (-20÷85°C) accuracy.

Alpha-Log setup
The Alpha-Log configuration setup is implemented through the 3DOM program on PC. Once the configuration file has been created, it can be sent to an FTP server of LSI-LASTEM (or other). Alpha-Log is programmed to regularly check if a 
new version of the file is present on this server; if so, it is loaded into the Alpha-Log memory. The file can also be saved to a pen drive and loaded, via the USB port, into the instrument.

Firmware update
Alpha-Log can update its firmware when connected to the Internet. The latest firmware version is available on the LSI LASTEM FTP server. Alpha-Log regularly checks if a new version is available, and in this case, it downloads the file on its 
system memory. The firmware update can also be done locally via USB pen-drive.

Clock synchronization
The internal clock (accuracy 1 min / month) can be updated through NTP (Network Time Protocol) whenever Alpha-Log activates an Internet connection.

Alpha-Log  has the following peripherals:
-  N.2 RS232 ports,
-  N.1 RS485 opto-insulated port
-  N.2 USB ports,
-  N.1 Ethernet port.

Display and leds
Alpha-Log is equipped with a back-lit LCD display (4x20 chrs). The display shows the following information:
-  List of real-time measurements
-  Last 20 alarms and errors,
-  Statistics of communication,
-  System info / reset / date-time,
-  Battery status,
-  IP address,
-  Memory and system status,
-  Actuator status,
-  Etc.
N.3 leds are also activated to define different operative modes

Alpha-Log can be equipped with an IP camera to send images to a dedicated server. The camera is connected to the same Router used by Alpha-Log for data communication and is turned on and off using the programmable output 
logics, so as to increase / decrease the number of images according to the programmed events and reduce the system's electrical consumption and communication costs.

Power supply
Alpha-Log is powered using 6÷30 Vdc and can charge, via a solar panel or main power supply, an external Pb battery using its integrated regulator. LSI LASTEM supplies IP boxes with power supply systems.

Power consumption and battery life
The average power consumption is < 2 mA (display OFF and without using RS485)

Power consumption using 3G modem and sensors without power, display OFF.

 Communication ratePower consumption (average) 
 1 com/day 60 mW
 1 com/hour 600 mW

Power consumption in days using 3G modem and sensors without power, display OFF, starting from fully charged batteries and in the absence of sun.

 Communication rate

 Battery life 


 Battery size9 Ah 15 Ah 40 Ah 
 1 com/day 100150400 
 1 com/hour 710 30 


The data acquired by Alpha-Log are sent to FTP servers for their management with non-LSI LASTEM applications. It is however possible to receive data on a PC, in order to use the LSI LASTEM management programs that use the SQLGidas database as their database. When the data is saved on the SQL-Gidas database, it can be managed with LSI 
LASTEM software applications that use this type of database. There are two possibilities:
-  Through the 3DOM program: data downloading (in manual mode) from a specific FTP area (where Alpha-Log has sent its data) and saving them to a TXT file or SQL-GIDAS database for further uses using LSI-LASTEM’s PC programs.
-  Through the P1-CommNET program (BSZ309): data downloading (in automatic and continuous mode) from a specific FTP area (where Alpha-Log has sent its data) and saving them to a TXT file or SQL-GIDAS database for 
further uses using LSI-LASTEM’s PC programs.

Code: DLALA0100

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