M-Log. N.5 inputs terminal type. N.2 RS232 ports

LSI LASTEM designs and manufactures a wide range of data loggers for environmental applications. With very low power consumption, expanded signal capacity and protections against severe environmental conditions, LSI LASTEM data loggers are the ideal solution for measurements in meteorological, air quality, indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring applications.

The different features of LSI LASTEM instruments suits virtually any environmental monitoring procedure, guaranteeing accurate and reliable monitoring of physical parameters both for portable and continuous application, outdoors and indoors. 

M-Log is a line of compact data loggers for environmental monitoring, suitable for portable indoor applications. Small and flexible, but also powerful and reliablem M-Log can be used in virtually unlimited environmental applications.

Typically M-Log (ELO009) is used on a portable tripod fot Thermal Environmental measurements for the assessment of thermal comfort and stress, air quality, ventilation measurements, thermo-hygrometric measurements for assessing the energy efficientcy of buildings and HVAC tests.

The ELO008 model, having terminal block input, is more suitable for measurements always in the field of environmental monitoring, but in industrial situations. Typically, thanks to the Modbus-RTU protocol (Master/Slave), it is used as an interface between sensors and systems such as PLCs, as well as storing processed values and sending instantaneous values to PC.


  • N.4/8 analog inputs, n.1 digital input, n.1 RS232 Input;
  • Auto-recognition of connected sensors;
  • Input for serial sensors;
  • Extremely low power consumption and integrated batteries;
  • N. 50 measurements between channels for sensor acquisition and derived quantities;
  • Internal library for calculating derived quantities and mathematical, statistical calculations;
  • 8 MB Flash Memory;
  • Modbus-RTU Master/Slave, TTY protocols;
  • N. 2 RS232 ports;
  • Switched power supply outputs to trigger external devices with programmable logics or events;
  • Sensors acquisition rate from 1s to 12 hours;
  • Statistic elaboration rate from 1 s to 12 hours;
  • Connection to the PC via RS232 (USB /Ethernet with external accessories);
  • Display and keyboard

Inputs for serial sensors

The M-Log COM-2 port can be connected to hot wire anemometers or to sensors with Modbus-RTU protocol output.

Sensors acquisition rate

Acquisition rate is programmable for each input (from 1 sec to 12 hours). M-Log manages 4 channels from analog inputs and 8 derived quantities in 1 sec. To limit energy consumption from sensors requiring power supply, it is possible to set an advanced power supply from the acquisition event (warm-up), that is interrupted immediately after the acquisition itself.

Data elaboration

  • The raw measured values can be stored directly as instantaneous values, or be stored as statistical processing (n. 1 base, form 1 sec to 12 hours);
  • Average, minimum, maximum, standard deviation;
  • Wind elaborations;
  • Totals.

Derived and calculated quantities

Internal library of derived environmental quantities. These calculations use acquired quantities, constant values and other calculated quantities. The library also includes mathematical functions. M-Log manages up to 50 channels between acquired, derived and calculated quantities.

Data memory

Internal memory (8MB) allows to store data typically for several weeks. The registration structure is circular. In the model (ELO009) with MiniDIN inputs the data is stored in "surveys" with progressive numbering and data/time start/end.

Data communication

It is possible to transfer data to a PC via RS232, USB (with adapter included), or via Ethernet through an external converter. M-Log uses a proprietary binary protocol to transmit data using LSI LASTEM communication programs: 3DOM and CommNET.


M-Log units can be connected to a wide range of sensors for environmental qantities, as:
  • Air Temperature and Relative Humidity;
  • Black globe Temperature;
  • Wet Temperature;
  • Surface and materials Temperatures;
  • Air Speed;
  • Light;
  • Polluttance (IAQ);
  • Thermal Flow and Radiant Asymmetry;
  • Meteorological quantities.
LSI LASTEM supplies a wide range of compatible sensors, read the LSI LASTEM's catalogues. Having terminal inputs, using ELO008 model, it is possible to use third-parties sensors.

InputsTerminal block
Analogue inputsN. 4 differential (N. 8 single ended)
Digital inputsN. 1 (on/off or frequency/counter)
Sensor's auto-recognitionNO
Switched power supply outputsYES
Backlight displayNO
Threaded slot for tripod fixingNO
Internal batteryYES
Plug for power battery charger YES 
Included accessories RS232/USB adapter, RS232 cable, DIN-bar mounting, 3DOM program 
Code: ELO008


Complete monitoring systems to measure the critical quantities defining health and comfort of building occupants


Monitoring of temperature, relative humidity, air speed, pressure, IAQ and more in clean rooms, white chambers, laboratories, warehouses, caves, green houses.


Systems for monitoring the thermal environment in workplaces and civil environments