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Environmental monitoring solution DISCOVER MORE

Professional systems and instruments for measuring environmental physical parameters

Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Soluzioni per il monitoraggio dell'indoor enviromental quality

High Accuracy Systems for assessing the health and comfort of indoor environments


Solutions for the monitoring of Indoor Environmental Quality

Sensori meteorologici professionali

Professional systems and instruments for measuring meteorological parameters


Stations and sensors for professional meteorology

sistemi per la gestione delle risorse idriche e del rischio idrogeologico

Solutions for the constant control of extreme events and early warning management


Systems for monitoring hydrogeological risk

soluzioni per il monitoraggio di opere d'arte e siti archeologici

Professional sensors and systems for the evaluation of environmental conditions in museums and archaeological sites


Solutions for the monitoring of cultural heritage

Sistemi per il monitoraggio dell’ambiente termico nei luoghi di lavoro e ambienti civili

Sensor calibration and certification services for the main environmental physical quantities


ISO IEC 17025 calibration and certification laboratories

sistemi per il monitoraggio dell’ambiente nei luoghi di lavoro e ambienti civili

Solutions both portable and fixed for calculating thermal and environmental stress indices


Systems for monitoring the workplaces and civil environments

sistemi per il monitoraggio di parametri ambientali e di processo del ciclo del rifiuto

Portable and fixed sensors and systems for controlling dispersions in the environment and the production process


Systems for the monitoring of the waste-cycle's environmental and process parameters

Environmental Monitoring Solutions

sede LSI Lastem Environmental Monitoring Solutions


Since 1972, LSI Lastem based in Milan (Italy) has been designing, manufacturing and marketing a complete range of systems for environmental monitoring.
Prodotti LSI LASTEM Environmental Monitoring Solutions


The LSI Lastem catalog presents one of the most complete ranges of instruments available on the market. We provide our products as complete, turnkey solutions, or as components for third-party integration.
Servizi LSI LASTEM Environmental Monitoring Solutions


The company is structured to provide various types of After-Sales Services such as preventive and corrective maintenance or data management. In our laboratories we also carry out repair, calibration and certification services.

Why choose LSI Lastem?

Some values ​​you should know about our company

50 years of experience in monitoring

For over 50 years LSI LASTEM has been specializing in the design and production of advanced instrumentation for the measurement of environmental physical quantities. Our solutions are present in 140 countries and support the most qualified environmental monitoring applications, both INDOOR and OUTDOOR. LSI LASTEM works side by side with its customers offering unique competences that make the difference in any environmental monitoring.

Certified accuracy of measurements

The world market of measuring instrumentation is characterized by a very heterogeneous product offer, whose fundamental distinction is the accuracy of the measurements. Professionals who choose LSI LASTEM products know they can rely on instruments that are not only extremely reliable, but also offer accuracies at the highest standards of the market which are certified by the company’s ACCREDIA ISO 17025 laboratories.

Easy integration also in complex systems

In a world in constant technological evolution, measuring instruments cannot be an end in themselves but must be able to be integrated into third-party complex technological systems to offer the most performing and complete solution. LSI LASTEM instrumentation is designed to be open and easily integrated, thanks to the adoption of standard communication protocols, thus solving any need, even the most complex ones.

A single partner even for after-sales services

In addition to the supply of environmental monitoring equipment, LSI LASTEM also offers its customers a complete range of after-sales services ranging from installation support to periodic maintenance, from data management to calibration and certification services. Relying on LSI LASTEM means being able to count on a single and unique partner that can fully satisfy all the needs and requirements in any environmental monitoring project.

Environmental Monitoring

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LSI LASTEM instruments are suitable for virtually any type of environmental monitoring application, both portable and long-term, outdoors and indoors, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements of various physical quantities.

Our full range of products includes sensors, data acquisition systems, software and installation accessories.

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for our products


LSI LASTEM solutions for monitoring meteorological parameters are intended for professional users who need quality, reliability and compliance with WMO standards.


LSI LASTEM solutions for hydrological monitoring are particularly suitable for professionals and researchers who need high quality and reliable instruments.


To support the management of the territory subject to breakage of earthen dams, levees or embankments, infiltration of pollutants in the groundwater and landslide risk.

Waste Cycle

Sensors and systems to monitor the weather and material conditions of waste storage and disposal sites and the dispersion of odors in the surrounding areas.

Microclimate and Health & Safety

LSI LASTEM produces systems and tools for monitoring environmental parameters needed for the evaluation of heat stress and thermal comfort.

Indoor Environments

Systems for measuring the healthiness, comfort and energy efficiency of environments.

The Services of
our Laboratory

To ensure consistent and reliable performance, we calibrate each sensor against traceable standards in a specific calibration facility. Our laboratory is accredited by ACCREDIA, the National Accreditation Body, according to ISO / IEC 17025.

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Some of the questions that are regularly asked by the users of our products.

Case Studies


Hot wire anemometer with interchangeable head and top accuracy

Hot wire anemometer with the possibility of independently replacing the head, saving time and money with top accuracy.

LSI LASTEM co-founding a PhD grant at Politecnico di Milano

LSI LASTEM co-funds Regina Bianchi's PhD on innovation and progress in the field of environmental monitoring.

Continuous Geoelectrical Monitoring vs Traditional Measurements

Importance of continuous geoelectrical monitoring compared to traditional measurements for Ensuring Tailings Dam Structural Integrity.

UV-A and UV-B sensors: broadband radiometers for evaluating the UV Index

LSI LASTEM UV-A and UV-B sensors are broadband radiometers designed for impeccable atmospheric monitoring and UV Index evaluation.