What are the
accessories for?

Each solution for environmental monitoring can be completed by accessories that allow installation, connections between the various elements, communications and data transmission, power supply and integration.

These accessories are important because they ensure perfect system functionality and possible integration into third-party systems.

The accessories complete the supply and allow the customer to purchase a complete “turnkey” system, that includes all the hardware necessary for the particular application.

LSI Lastem

What kinds of accessories are needed?

They can be divided into 4 functional categories:


Field Installation

Accessories for field installation, such as supports, suitcases and boxes.


Power Supply

Power accessories, such as power supplies, solar panels, batteries and cables.


Communication &Transmission

Transmission accessories, such as modems, routers, radios and cables.


System Integration

Accessories for system integration, such as signal converters, adapters and interfaces.


Will the accessories
be listed in the offer?

Certainly, and explicitly stated individually.

Our solutions are complete and allow you to have a “turnkey” system for immediate operation.