LSI LASTEM solutions are particularly suitable for professionals and researchers who need high quality and reliable instruments. The sensors intended for hydrological monitoring can all be integrated with complete meteorological stations to ensure monitoring of environmental conditions.

In particular, a solution has designed that integrates a meteorological station with level sensors and an alert system when thresholds are exceeded.

Pluvi-ONE is a new integrated system for rain monitoring and early warning information that performs two different tasks: produce accurate rain meas-urements (including other quantities as water level, storm distance, etc) and early warnings messages in case of alarm situations. The system is designed for measuring in remote and unattended locations and to send its results and alarms. Pluvi-ONE is a complete system including rain gauge, data controller, power system and communication part. Pluvi-ONE system has a series of unique features currently available  and represents the “state of the art” solution for rain measurements and early warning activities in hydrometric monitoring networks.



Rain and Storm distance (lightning) monitoring system

  • Optional water level, air temperature+RH% and temperarure sensors;
  • Smart rain analysis: totals and running cumulate values for alarm purpose;
  • Large memory 16 MB plus external memory 4 GB;
  • GPRS/3G/4G modem and router for remote communications;
  • Class A rain gauge with double rain gauge redundancy;
  • Local display.

Integrated web server for real-time data, diagnostic information and data download to Excel files via Internet browser.

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Suitable Products

Data Loggers

Range of data loggers for enviornmental applications for fix/portable, outdoor/indoor uses. Wide number and type of inputs. Low power consumption

Sensori per misure meteorologiche
Meteorological sensors

Range of sensors for the measurement of the most typical meteorological quaintities. Connection to LSI LASTEM data loggers or third part systems

Sensori per misure di livello e conducibilità in acqua
Water sensors

Range of sensors for continuous measurements of water level, temperature and water quality inside reservoir and rivers


Range of PC programs for the data management, data display, data reporting, data communication and special applicative solutions for environmental calculation

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