Hydrologic Monitoring


Pluvi-ONE is a new integrated system for rain monitoring and early warning information. It is composed of a raingauge installed on a pole together with data controller, power system and communiation devices. Pluvi-ONE unique features makes it a state -of-the-art solution for rain monitoring and early warning applications in hydrology and rain monitoring networks.


  • smart rain analysis: totals, intensity and running/current cumulative values
  • alarms: instant messaging service, FTP and local digital outputs
  • large internal memory, plus external memory
  • GPRS/3G, Ethernet, WiFi, UHF radio and satellite communications
  • Class A rain gauge with double rain gauge option for redundancy
  • inputs for air temperature, humidity, water level, lightning, SDI-12 and Modbus-RTU sensors
  • Backlist display readable from outside
  • configuration file saved in FTP server and ready for automatic remote upload into Pluvi-ONE system. Local upload using USB flash drive
  • remote firmware update
  • open architecture based on built-in Linux PC
Valeria Menichini

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