Indoor Environments

Indoor Environments

The physical environment is made up of many elements connected by a complex relationship. Each occupant receives stimuli from the different environmental components like climate, air chemical quality, light and noise and reacts defining a higher or lower environment comfort and thus defining his psychophysical status. Understanding Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) helps designers, architects and industrial hygienists creating more comfortable environments from the point of view of the psychophysical wellbeing
of the occupants.

LSI-Lastem offers solutions with multi-measurement characteristics and, thanks to radio technology, also multi-point. In fact, each data logger (M-Log and R-Log) can be connected to a large variety of sensors that allow to evaluate even the most complex conditions.
Using the experience gained by providing systems to the immense Italian artistic heritage and through technical collaborations with the most prestigious research institutes in the sector, LSI Lastem creates tools for monitoring the conservation, restoration, handling and use of works of art.

IEQ and environmental comfort

Monitoring systems to assess the health and comfort of indoor environments.

Energy testing of buildings

System for the measurement of the as-built thermal transmittances (U-values) in compliance with ISO9869-1:2014.

Cultural heritage

Solutions for environmental monitoring in places of conservation of works of art.


Valeria Menichini

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