Microclimate and Health & Safety

Since 1970, LSI Lastem has been producing a series of devices for the evaluation of environments from the point of view of the thermal sensation of the occupants. Data loggers, sensors and software for the evaluation of moderate thermal environments (PMV-PPD-TO, ISO7730), hot (WBGT-ISO7243, PHS-ISO7933) and cold (ITR-ISO11079) compliant with ISO7726.

Each device is composed of a data acquisition and display system with local calculation of many useful quantities for a first analysis of the thermal environments, of a series of sensors for the measurement of the quantities necessary for the calculation of the most known microclimatic indices in accordance with ISO and PC programs to perform the most complex index calculations not available directly on the data acquisition and display system.

Stress and thermal comfort – portable

Portable wireless WBGT (Wet Bulbe Globe Temperature) solution for monitoring indoor and outdoor

Heat stress, thermal comfort and correlated quantities – portable

Portable system for monitoring thermal microclima and correlated quantities in workplaces and civil environments

Heat stress and thermal comfort indoor and outdoor – permanent

System for real-time assessment of the health and safety of workers in conditions of thermal stress


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