Heat stress, thermal comfort and correlated quantities – portable

The system consists of a specific set of sensors and a tripod-mounted data logger. The selection of sensors is made according to the application: thermal comfort, thermal stress or cold. Some indices (including WBGT, heat index, operating temperature and percentage of people dissatisfied with floor temperature and radiant asymmetry) are already calculated within the data logger. Other indices, which require complex calculations, are determined with the Gidas TEA (Thermal Environments Application) software suite. For data recording, LSI LASTEM offers two different solutions. With the compact M-Log, all sensors are connected via cable; the flexible R-Log supports both cable and radio connection. With R-Log, the monitoring capabilities are practically infinite: the management of a very large number of sensors and the monitoring of multiple stations simultaneously becomes quick and easy.

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Heat stress, thermal comfort and correlated quantities - portable


Heat stress, thermal comfort and correlated quantities - portable

Suitable Products


Data Loggers

Range of data loggers for enviornmental applications for fix/portable, outdoor/indoor uses. Wide number and type of inputs. Low power consumption

Sensori per misure in ambienti indoor

Indoor environment sensors

Range of sensors to measure physical and chemicals quantities in the thermal environments, environmental quality and air quality applications in confined spaces



Range of PC programs for the data management, data display, data reporting, data communication and special applicative solutions for environmental calculation

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