Compost and biofilter

To support companies operating in the waste management sectors, LSI Lastem offers sensors, systems and software for measuring, displaying, storing and transmitting data.

Within the compost piles the most interesting parameters are temperature, oxygen and water content.

In biofilters it is useful to know the temperature, the water content in the filter bed, while in its inlet pipe, the temperature, humidity and flow rate; while the pH value is important in the collection wells.

The LSI Lastem offer is completed with meteorological monitoring systems that allow to respond to the needs dictated by the problem of odour dispersions from the plant. Where, one of the impending problems, are the smells accused in the neighboring residential areas. LSI Lastem proposes a monitoring system capable of giving an estimate of the concentration values ​​expressed in odorimetric units or in percentage with respect to the maximum value calculated in the area surrounding the plant.

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Compost and biofilter


Compost and biofilter

Suitable Products


Data Loggers

Range of data loggers for enviornmental applications for fix/portable, outdoor/indoor uses. Wide number and type of inputs. Low power consumption

Sensori per misure in materiali

Oxygen, Temperature and Water content inside materials sensors

Range of sensors for monitoring the compost material during the bio-oxidation process, bio-filter and other materials in the waste treatment process



Range of PC programs for the data management, data display, data reporting, data communication and special applicative solutions for environmental calculation

Signal conditioning units

Signal conditioning units

Signal conditioning units for Pt100, TC, V and Hz. 4-20 mA and RS485 Modbus output

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