Air Quality

Air quality

Meteorological conditions are important information in Air Quality Monitoring Sy-stems and Networks. As the fate of air pollutants is influenced by the movements and characteristics of the air mass into which they are emitted, no air quality data is com-plete without an accurate in situ record of meteorological conditions. Atmospheric dy-namics determine the formation, transport, deposition and dilution of the pollutant. Primary meteorological variables for AQM applications include Wind Speed, Wind Di-rection, Air Temperature and Relative Humidity, Atmospheric pressure, Radiation and Rain. The turbulence index of the atmosphere typically refers to the atmospheric stabil-ity which is an important information to analyse the deposition and dilution of the pol-lutant over a certain area. Characterization of atmospheric stability for dispersion mod-elling purposes involves measurements of temperature, radiation intensity and wind speed.

LSI Lastem has a long-lasting tradition and experience in this field of application. In the 80s our company supplied the first sensors and acquisition system for wind and atmo-spheric stability categories evaluation to ENEL (Italian National Authority for Electric Energy) to study plume dynamic in power plants. Over the years, LSI Lastem has deve-loped strong bonds with many pollution control institutions, air quality analyzers ma-nufacturers and system integrators throughout the world. Nowadays, LSI Lastem sup-plies its line of sensors to partners, OEM and distributors in every continent.

Air Quality

Meteorological sensors for AQMS

LSI Lastem designs and manufactures the most complete range of meteorological sen-sors and solutions specifically dedicated to AQM applications. Our extensive range in-cludes: wind speed, wind direction, temperature & relative humidity, radiation (global and net), atmospheric pressure and rain sensors. All sensors are designed for easy mounting on a pole or tower without the need of any external converter and have con-nectors in order to choose a cable of the proper length to the data acquisition system.

Air Quality

Meteorological station for AQMS

Sensors can be connected to a data logger to register and collect data. This solution allows the meteorological system to be independent, saving data and transmitting them to remote servers and at the same time to be linked to the local AQMS data acqui-sition system by Ethernet or RS485 (Modbus protocol).

Air Quality


  • Adherence to relevant standards (ISO and WMO);
  • Complete range of sensors: heated versions (anemometers, rain gauges), natural and forced ventilated thermometers, complete range of solar radio-meters (global and net), atmospheric pressure, etc;
  • Mechanical and ultrasonic anemometers;
  • Calibration and maintenance services;
  • Compact stations with All-in-One sensor and RS485;
  • 4÷20 mA output.
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Air Quality


Air Quality

Suitable Products


Data Loggers

Range of data loggers for enviornmental applications for fix/portable, outdoor/indoor uses. Wide number and type of inputs. Low power consumption

Sensori per misure meteorologiche

Meteorological sensors

Range of sensors for the measurement of the most typical meteorological quaintities. Connection to LSI LASTEM data loggers or third part systems



Range of PC programs for the data management, data display, data reporting, data communication and special applicative solutions for environmental calculation

Signal conditioning units

Signal conditioning units

Signal conditioning units for Pt100, TC, V and Hz. 4-20 mA and RS485 Modbus output



Range of digital display to display the quantities and convert the signals coming from the supplied sensors


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