Heat stress and thermal comfort indoor and outdoor – permanent

System for real-time assessment of the health and safety of workers in conditions of thermal stress

First Rain

First rainwater separation system.

Hydrologic Monitoring

Pluvi-ONE is a new integrated system for rain monitoring and early warning information. It is composed power system and communiation devices.

Permanent Geoelectric Monitoring Systems

G.Re.T.A. Geo REsistivimeter for Time-lapse Analysis is the only tool for permanent geoelectric monitoring of the conditions of tracts of subsoil on the market.

Airports and Roads

Solutions for environmental monitoring and status pavement of roads, highways and airport runways.

Solar energy

Sensors, components and systems for monitoring environmental conditions in order to evaluate the performances of solar energy production plants.

Wind energy

From anemological surveys to turbine control, the completeness of our catalog offers wind energy professionals multiple measurement solutions.

Waste Cycle

Sensors and systems to monitor the weather and material conditions of waste storage and disposal sites and the dispersion of odors in the surrounding areas.

Microclimate and Health & Safety

LSI Lastem produces systems and tools for monitoring environmental parameters needed for the evaluation of heat stress and thermal comfort.

Indoor Environments

Systems for measuring the healthiness, comfort and energy efficiency of environments.