Measuring relative humidity: capacitive element or psychrometer?

To measure air relative humidity there are two main approaches: direct with capacitive sensors and indirect with psychrometric method. Find out more.

Biofilters: benefits of automatic long-term monitoring

Continuous monitoring of biofilters is an indispensable action for responsible waste or odor management. LSI LASTEM offers a complete solution.

Piezometric data: from the LSI LASTEM cloud to the Polaris portal of the Lazio Civil Protection

Piezometric data: find out how LSI LASTEM helps the Civil Protection Functional Center of the Lazio Region to calculate the water balances and how the data are integrated in the Polaris portal.

WBGT: when simplifications undermine reliability

LSI LASTEM provides solutions that follow the recommendations of the ISO 7243 standard and allow direct WBGT index measurements for reliability and accuracy.

Safety in the workplace: continuous heat stress monitoring is the keystone

A mechanical company in central Italy adopts a real-time thermal monitoring system with periodic maintenance by LSI LASTEM to guarantee the well-being of workers in industrial environments.

Validation of meteorological data: collaboration between LSI LASTEM and the Università Statale of Milan

Validation of meteorological data: LSI LASTEM and the the Università Statale of Milan create an innovative method that compares measured and simulated data.

How Delay Distance and Damping Ratio affect anemometer performance

The key concepts for evaluating the dynamic behaviour of cup and vane anemometers are the Dealy Distance and the Damping Ratio.

MEZeroE project: energy efficiency in first place in construction

Discover the MEZeroE project for energy efficiency in buildings. The BEEPilot is an innovative mini pilot building that uses advanced LSI LASTEM instruments for environmental monitoring.

LSI LASTEM for the evaluation of thermal comfort in pilot buildings made of bamboo

LSI LASTEM measuring equipment has been installed in the Philippines as part of the sustainable bamboo buildings project. Data logger and sensors for thermal comfort evaluation.

Laghetti Plan: a strategy against drought, which can be pursued safely

LSI LASTEM will intervene in the communication session dedicated to the Laghetti Plan to show how G.Re.T.A. system can be used to monitor irrigation basins in real time.

Climate Change: LSI LASTEM sensors in the IGG-CNR Arctic mission

The Arctic project of the IGG-CNR uses LSI LASTEM sensors to measure meteorological variables in the Arctic tundra. These data contribute to the understanding of our planet and its future.

COLLECTiEF and LSI LASTEM together for energy flexibility

In this context, the LSI LASTEM Sphensors play a key role in collecting environmental data functional to the creation of a reference framework for managing energy flexibility.

The LSI LASTEM technical pills: How response time can make the difference

One of the critical parameters for evaluating the performance of measuring instruments is the response time. Learn more about this topic!

Technical Pills: Comparing sonic wind sensors with cup and vane wind sensors

Technical purchase guide of sonic wind sensors with cup and vane wind sensors technology for any automatic weather station or wind measurement system.

The LSI LASTEM weather station on the top of the world for 14 years

The station was installed in 2008 on Mount Kala Patthar and it is part of the instrumentation of the Pyramid. In November '22, it was updated with the tallest webcam in the world.

Upgrade of the weather station at Solvay: integration with Enviro Cube

The upgrade of the professional meteorological station at the Solvay group in Rosignano has just been completed and it is now integrated with the new cloud platform. Learn more!

Sphensor: the most accurate multi-parameter sensors

Sphensor is the new range of radio sensors designed for the continuous monitoring of thermo-hygrometric, environmental and indoor air quality parameters of indoor environment.

Compliance with GISTM: the advantages for the mining industry of adopting G.Re.T.A. systems

Discover the advantages for the mining industry of adopting G.Re.T.A. systems, especially regarding the compliance with the GISTM, in deadline for August 2023.

I.Mar.Web – LSI LASTEM International Marketing Web

The integrated international development project of LSI LASTEM allowed the consolidation of foreign markets, also focusing on new sectors, and the development of new promotional actions for both products and brands.

LSI LASTEM’s ISO 17025 accredited laboratory

From an inter-laboratory comparison between 11 laboratories in 9 European countries, LSI LASTEM reports the best values of the measurement error quantification index.

Know your limits: protect your outdoor workers from Heat Stress

From the Experts of Microclimate and Health & Safety, Weather Monitoring Systems that provide Real Time Warnings of Heat Stress Risk

Heat Shield: new firmware update in accordance with ISO 7243 (2017–08)

Heat Shield latest version is the only one to produce in real time mode the WBGT Eff and display the DTTL which corresponds to the distance between the WBGT Eff and its limit value (WBGT Ref).

Weather monitoring: why choose LSI LASTEM sensors?

A reliable and high-performance weather station requires high-quality instruments that can be easily integrated into more complex systems.

Microclimate monitoring in the workplace: traditional station or Heat Shield?

LSI LASTEM microclimate stations are flexible and versatile solutions, most suitable where a full multiparameter correlation is required.

GRF becomes operational

By choosing LSI LASTEM systems, Milan Malpensa airport (international code MXP) was among the first in the world and the first in Italy to equip itself with an automatic system for runway conditions monitoring.

A little chat with Valeria Menichini, the Communication Manager

Today we present Valeria, a 360° artist: from painting, to writing, to photography, also passing through information technology. What better figure to manage corporate communication accurately but also brilliantly?

A little chat with Ernesto Consiglio

Precision and attention to detail: these are the characteristics of Ernesto Consiglio, the Head of the LSI LASTEM Laboratories. His journey started as a child and brought him here with passion and determination, reaching important professional goals, including a Degree in Physics and the ISO 17025 certification of Laboratories. What will his next goal be? Certainly something very… accurate!

Monitor.ARE – Monitoring of the Embankments with Electrical Resitivity

The project Monitor.ARE allowed us to continue upgrading hardware and software solutions for the ?.??.?.?. system to monitor embankments and dams, developed by LSI Lastem in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano DICA.

COGITO – A COGnItive dynamic sysTem allOwing buildings to learn and adapt

COGITO is a national project funded by MIUR, the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, through the National Operating Programme in the field of "Technologies for Living Environments". It is led by the University of CALABRIA and is dedicated to the Internet of Things' (IoT) integration with dynamic cognitive systems.

A little chat with Silvia Moranzoni, the Customer Care Responsible

Today we meet Silvia, whom many of our customers know because she is responsible of sales administration. Despite the great commitment in her work, Silvia manages to reconcile her professional life and her role as a mother.... not forgetting a healthy tennis match on the weekend.

Kick-off Meeting for the EU “COLLECTiEF” Project for Energy Flexibility

The H2020-funded project aims to implement an interoperable and scalable energy management system to smart up buildings and their legacy equipment on large scale.


LSI LASTEM has started a partnership with RAMJACK TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS to make the tailings dams failures completely avoidable thanks to the monitoring with the G.Re.T.A. system.

A little chat with Pierpaolo Guida, the Head of Electronic Design

If you walk by his office, you will find him busy with electronic boards and circuits or immersed in interminable test sessions and discussions with colleagues. The passion and the desire to get the best, push Pierpaolo to experiment, and not to take anything for granted.

Particulate matter in the atmosphere: it is not transport that makes the worst contribution

This is proved by studies conducted during the lockdown in 11 metropolis around the world

A little chat with Giulio Certo, the Export Sales Director

Giulio Certo, our Export Sales Director, is a marathoner in sport and in his job: step by step he contributed, with passion and commitment, to the development of the company founded by his father Luciano.

The importance of calibration in the field

We talk about it with the Field Coordinator of one of the most important solar plant in South Africa

The environmental data logger and its functions

The quantities calculated by the environmental data loggers offer considerable advantages to users. These advantages are also enhanced by particularly high-performance operating systems, systems for reducing energy consumption and robust and reliable communication protocols.

A little chat with Product Manager Greta Tresoldi

Greta joined LSI LASTEM less than one year ago, but she has already set her rhythm of Swing at work. Very competent and attentive, she faced her task with a smile, also showing enthusiasm and willingness.

A little chat with Italian Sales Director Silvio Saini

This time Silvio Saini introduces himself, our sales director for Italy, who defines himself as “the sergeant” of the LSI LASTEM family. Silvio arrived at LSI LASTEM as post-sales technician more than 10 years ago, and this experience allows him to face his role well, knowing the needs of customers and the characteristics of our solutions.

Solar ultraviolet radiation and COVID-19: is there a relationship?

An Italian study demonstrates the correlation between the intensity of solar UV and the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its clinical manifestations

Cultural heritage: the importance of environmental monitoring (even when museums are closed!)

Even in this period, when museums and art galleries are closed to the public, it is necessary to pay the utmost attention to preventive conservation.

A little chat with the Research and Development Director Alfredo Astori

Alfredo Astori, who has been in the company for 35 years and is in charge of the R&D Dept, has an intimate knowledge of all our products and participated in one of the most exciting moments of corporate life: the installation of the highest weather station in the world in 2008. Let him take the floor.

A little chat with our CEO Andrea Certo

Andrea Certo, our "sailing CEO", has accepted to host the first interview. He took over the helm of the company two years ago and, with his commitment and tenacity, has hoisted the sails of the company while tracing a new route.

G.Re.T.A. a solution for irrigation earthen embankments monitoring

Due to climate change, the proper management of water resources is of paramount importance. The hydrological cycle is changing and periods of drought and extreme rainfall alternate.

Monitor the White Giants

We talk to Prof. Guglielmina Diolaiuti of the Department of Environmental Science and Policy (DESP) of the University of Milan.

UV-A and UV-B: broadband sensors for meteorological applications

LSI Lastem UV-A and UV-B sensors are broadband radiometers for the measurement of atmospheric radiation.

Want to contact us? Use our new ONLINE BOOKING service

Want to contact our sales representative to explain your request? Need technical support to solve a problem?

G.Re.T.A. Installation in one of the largest mine in Chile

A G.Re.T.A. monitoring system was recently installed at the base of a mining dam in Chile. It is one of the largest copper reserves in the world in the Coquimbo region.

The REAL Hot wire anemometer

The hot wire anemometer manages to have an optimal response time for calculating turbulence and for adequately monitoring changes in air speed.

Globothermometer for indoor and outdoor applications

The standard black globe allows to measure the radiant temperature, necessary parameter to estimate the mean radiant temperature (Tmrt)

G.Re.T.A. a solution for landfills

The G.Re.T.A. system the autonomous geo-resistivimeter for fixed installations by LSI Lastem, using the Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT)

Renewable energies: geothermal energy

Today the area of Larderello, in the province of Pisa, is one of the centres of global geothermal energy: the plants in the area

Natural decay of SARS-CoV-2 virus on surfaces

LSI LASTEM has inserted an algorithm to evaluate the decay of the SARS-CoV-2 virus on surfaces and has included it in the calculations of its instruments

Energy Efficiency in Buildings

The research field concerns the study and innovation of innovative systems and technologies for the improvement of the energy efficiency of buildings.

Now available our speech SLOPE Stability 2020

Our video presented at the Slope Stability 2020 International Symposium on Slope Stability in Perth (Australia) is now available

Tailings dams accident? Never again!

To fill the technological gap in the field of monitoring of mining dams, we offer an innovative G.Re.T.A.

A useful training day at Petro Instruments Corporation

We spent a very useful training day in Bangkok at the PICO Corporation headquarters. We have received an excellent feed back

Crosswind monitoring system

The system for monitoring cross winds at the exit of the Rome - Naples tunnels via Cassino, one of the oldest railway lines, has been updated

Tech-Levee_Watch: installed the resistivity meter in Colorno (PR)

The resistivity meter installed on the embankment of the Parma river in Colorno (PR), as part of the Tech-Leeve_Watch project financed by the Cariplo foundation

Another round of maintenance

Today our technicians are in Vairano (PV) for routine maintenance at the meteorological station installed at the ASC circuit.