A little chat with our CEO Andrea Certo

A little chat with our CEO Andrea Certo

Good morning Andrea, tell us something about yourself…. 

I am an industrial engineer as a background and a father of 3 beautiful kids. I have a passion for sailing which unfortunately I practice too little. I live in Milan, a city I love. In my free time I like to ride a bicycle. 

 What was the human and professional route that led you to LSI LASTEM? 

LSI LASTEM was founded by my father and, of course, it is part of my DNA. The memories in which, as a child, I wandered around the production departments with him are still vivid. However, I only joined the company in 2018, after a career that saw me in the position of CEO of several companies owned by private equity funds. It was a return to my origins, which gave me great pleasure and satisfaction, not only for sentimental reasons, but also because LSI LASTEM is a fantastic company that operates in a sector, the environmental one, to which I feel particularly close. 

 As CEO of the company, how do you interpret your role? 

First of all, as far as I can, I try to share and transmit my vision as well as business strategies to all collaborators, more generally to all stakeholders. For me it is essential that everyone knows where we are and where we are going. I hate micro-management because I think that everyone in the company must work on the basis of objectives to be achieved rather than tasks to be assigned. After so many years, I have understood that any “healthy” organization must be pervaded first of all by the tension towards the achievement of the companys‘ objectives, the sense of individual responsibility as well as the pleasure deriving from the accomplishment of personal objectives. 

 What do you like about LSI LASTEM and your work? 

Despite being a relatively small company, we are present all over the world while making technological innovation our critical success factor. We have a group of extraordinary collaborators with a high degree of professionalism. I find it very rewarding to imagine together with them new innovative solutions that meet the needs of the markets we serve. In the same way I find it very enriching to be able to interact and collaborate with clients coming not only from very different sectors but also from distant cultures and countries. I will always remember my first two visits to LSI LASTEM clients. The first day a landfill in the province of Brescia and, the following day, Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper in Milan. Two worlds that couldn’t be further apart! A few weeks later I was already in Australia to visit potential customers in the mining sector. In a short time I realized that LSI LASTEM would take me far and that I was lucky to have such a rewarding job! 

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