A little chat with Pierpaolo Guida, the Head of Electronic Design

A little chat with Pierpaolo Guida, the Head of Electronic Design

Hello Pierpaolo, did you find the opportunities you were looking for in Milan? Tell us something about yourself..

I moved from Bari in 2011, because I think that Milan not only offers many job opportunities, but is a city at the forefront in the industrial sectors of my interest and that rewards skills and professional commitment. After a few months, my wife followed me and we immediately settled in well, even though we often return to Puglia where we have our families. For a year and a half I have been happily father of Niccolò, a tornado that has upset my life and all my free time is dedicated to him.

You have a real passion for electronics, but what made you choose LSI Lastem?

I have a degree in Electronic Engineering because electronics have been my passion since I was a kid. I like the smell of the welder, assemble and try out patterns, experiment. Before joining LSI Lastem I worked in a company where I was able to work on technologically advanced solutions. But I needed a more collaborative reality where I could follow all aspects of design and production. I needed to “get my hands dirty” on the circuits. LSI Lastem has an important history, established at the highest levels in its markets, and a vision projected towards the very challenging future. Here I can give my contribution and receive a lot of satisfaction.

The responsibility of Electronic Design in LSI Lastem is a demanding task, how do you interpret your role, what are the challenges you face every day?

I have been in LSI Lastem since November 2015, in the first months I worked with the previous manager, who was retiring, and allowed me to learn a lot about our products. He also taught me a few words in the Lodi dialect to the great amusement of our colleagues.
I took his place inheriting a great responsibility by interpreting, I hope for the best, the corporate spirit that was inevitably changing. My experience allows me to technologically innovate products and introduce new production procedures to streamline internal operations and entrust non-core business processes to external qualified professionals.
I play a very challenging role, in fact with my colleagues in Research and Development we are pivotal between sales, after sales technicians, production and purchases. This allowed me to have a complete view of the products.
In recent years, the company has embarked on an innovative path that requires ever greater efficiency in the production process, also through documentation and formalization of the procedures to which I am particularly sensible. In fact, I believe it is a question of creating a virtuous cycle that leads to satisfying customers, innovating products and professionalising employees.

What do you like about LSI Lastem and your job?

I like electronic design, testing electronic boards, trying them out and seeing them realised. This allows me to exercise imagination and find innovative solutions by seeing the results. I am happy to be able to work in a well-organized company that is attentive to innovation and to be able to play a central role in it.

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