A little chat with Silvia Moranzoni, the Customer Care Responsible

A little chat with Silvia Moranzoni, the Customer Care Responsible

Hello Silvia, tell us something about yourself….

My name is Silvia, I am 44 years old, and I have a 12-year-old son to whom I try to commit as much time as I can, compatibly with my work duties.
Although I don’t call myself a sportswoman, I like to take an hour of tennis during the weekend, when I am free from the “mom” commitments.
I love good food, Italian without a doubt, but I also like to explore dishes of other nationalities. And of course good wine, white, red or rosé, in this order.

You have been part of LSI Lastem for several years, what led you to the Company?

I graduated in 1996 in P.A.C.L.E. (Correspondent Business Expert in Foreign Languages). I started working in the accounting department of a mechanical tools dealer.
That was the first approach to employment at the age of 20, and I feel lucky because at the age of 25, looking for a more “solid” company, I was lucky enough to interview for LSI Lastem. It was 2001 and I was hired in accounting again.
New company, new perspectives and the desire to grow. Since 2001 my role has evolved from customer accounting and credit recovery to order handling and the administrative part of it.
LSI Lastem has allowed me to broaden and increase my professional skills and knowledge.
I tried to learn by sharing with colleagues both problems and solutions. Some of them left an important mark on me before leaving the company for their well-deserved retirement.

As you have already told us, your role is pivotal in the order management process. What are the challenges you face every day?

I believe that facilitating a good collaboration between all employees, collaborators and customers is fundamental. I was lucky to see the work from different perspectives. The financial part first and the commercial and productive part after. My responsibility towards customer satisfaction is important.
I learned that timing with the customer is everything. Keeping the delivery date confirmed and responding quickly to any special request is of primary importance.
Obviously, in an ideal world, one is never wrong, but knowing how to admit and remedy the error as much as possible is still a sign of respect both to colleagues and to customers.

What do you like about LSI Lastem and your job?

Since I moved into the function of liaison between sales and production, I am much more in contact with my colleagues. I managed to understand the effort and the commitment behind the delivery of our products. With final customer satisfaction as the goal and result!
Every day I realize that small doubts, if shared, are constructive. In short, every day there is something to learn, to understand, to change.
I try to do my best and start every morning by asking myself the same question: “what can I do for…”. I believe this is the secret to collecting great and small satisfactions every day, to growing by overcoming challenges, sharing with colleagues and learning from those who know more than me.

Greta Tresoldi

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