COGITO – A COGnItive dynamic sysTem allOwing buildings to learn and adapt

COGITO – A COGnItive dynamic sysTem allOwing buildings to learn and adapt

A dynamic and cognitive system allowing buildings to learn and adapt


COGITO is a national project funded by MIUR, the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, through the National Operating Programme in the field of “Technologies for Living Environments”. It is led by the University of CALABRIA and is dedicated to the Internet of Things’ (IoT) integration with dynamic cognitive systems. The aim is to improve the management of public and residential buildings with cognitive and self-developed functions (to make the building’s living environment autonomous, adaptive and active). The National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA) is a partner in this project, involving its “Smart Energy” and “Systems Development for Information Technology and ICT” Divisions (TERIN- SEN and TERIN-ICT).
The goal is to combine IoT technology, cognitive computing, big data, machine learning and reasoning, to help people live and work better in buildings. It also aims to maintain and manage the building itself by providing them with the skills to learn over time the cost areas having a greater impact, and thus to act in a preventive manner with planning, monitoring and checks.
The objective is to propose an open, free and accessible “cognitive framework”, interoperable and replicable, which creates an intelligent infrastructure for the supervision and checking of all devices and objects in a building. This also takes into account the presence and behaviour of people and implements cognitive actions to optimise energy consumption. It improves the personal safety and that of structures, and encourages the active aging of people, sharing data and decisions according to a principle of active and inclusive involvement.

Start: 1/09/2018

End: 31/10/2021

ENEA project manager: Simonetta Fumagalli, TERIN-SEN-SCC

Manager for TERIN-ICT: Marta Chinnici

Manager of “Efficient management of the use of the building’s internal and external environments”: Antonella Tundo TERIN-SEN-SCC

Website: https://ict.enea.it/cogito/

Greta Tresoldi

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