COLLECTiEF and LSI LASTEM together for energy flexibility

COLLECTiEF and LSI LASTEM together for energy flexibility

The European project COLLECTiEF was launched with the aim of developing and testing a system for managing and improving the energy flexibility of existing buildings, integrating different technologies and innovative solutions. The idea behind the project is to create a flexible and scalable system that allows optimizing the use of energy resources and improving system efficiency.

In this context, the LSI LASTEM Sphensors play a key role in collecting environmental data functional to the creation of a reference framework for managing energy flexibility. Sphensors are high precision multi-parameter sensors able to monitor different environmental parameters of buildings, the most important being the temperature. Essential element for mathematical models, used to control the heating system of the buildings themselves. In combination with information on electricity consumption, these measurements allow to manage some older generation household devices.

Data collection is essential for the management of energy flexibility, as it allows to identify the moments of peak consumption and to modulate the energy supply according to the actual needs of the system. This process also takes place thanks to the BRiG, an implemented border router. The BRiG is used as an actuator, so it allows to perform calculations, carry out analyzes and control the devices to energy consumption.

In summary, the COLLECTiEF project represents an important step towards a more efficient and economical management of energy resources. Thanks to the integration of innovative solutions such as LSI LASTEM Sphensors and BRiG, it is possible to create a system capable of adapting. This project represents the optimal solution to make consumption more efficient in public, private and residential buildings.

Pilot buildings

Sphensors were installed in the pilot buildings to monitor environmental parameters, especially temperature. The data collected by the Sphensors are used by the various algorithms to understand how environmental conditions affect energy consumption and, consequently, to identify the best strategies to optimize the exploitation of energy sources.

LSI LASTEM installed 140 Sphensors in the pilot buildings of the COLLECTiEF project, in four European countries: Norway, Cyprus, France and Italy.

Norvegia COLLECTiEF Norvey

In Norway, Sphensors are used to monitor the parameters of two health centers, two schools, a medical center and a sports hall.

Cipro COLLECTiEF Cyprus

In Cyprus, Sphensors were installed to collect data from a three-story office building with a cafeteria, a school building and a laboratory.

Francia COLLECTiEF France

In France, the Sphensors are located in a building for education with offices, laboratories, classrooms, meeting rooms and a restaurant.

Italia COLLECTiEF italy

Finally, in Italy, the installation of Sphensors took place in three residential condominiums to monitor the environmental conditions of 12 apartments.

The pilot buildings chosen for the COLLECTiEF project were selected to represent a wide range of building types, from private residences to public and commercial offices. In this way, the project tried to cover the different challenges that arise in terms of monitoring and reducing energy consumption. LSI LASTEM and COLLECTiEF partners work together to provide advanced solutions for improving energy efficiency.

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