E-Log and M-Log: now Modbus MASTER

E-Log and M-Log: now Modbus MASTER

LSI Lastem just released Modbus MASTER, a new firmware version for E-Log and M-Log with a groundbreaking addition. Our data logger are now configurable as Masters in Modbus RTU communication networks

Modbus RTU protocol has been supported on LSI Lastem data loggers since the 80s, but our instrument could only be configured as slaves. Nowadays, Modbus is a de facto standard and is gaining more and more ground when it comes to data acquisition for his open, simple and robust nature, extending his field of use from industrial to environmental and meteorological.

This feature will dramatically extend E-Log and M-Log application range and consolidating measurements from industrial devices, digital outputs and environmental sensors becomes easier than ever.

This will also make the integration of third-party intelligent sensors and devices on E-Log very easy and virtually unlimited.

From industrial data acquisition networks to photovoltaic plants, from air quality networks to building management systems, LSI Lastem data loggers are now more than ever your optimal system integration solution.

Try our data loggers with our brand new line of sensors with RS485 output.

Valeria Menichini

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