The HOMeBIM liveAPP project intends to maximize the potential of BIM, as tools for managing the building system. In fact, BIM, born as a tool for controlling the project-realization-management process, are currently underutilized from the point of view of full ‘interactivity’ between inhabited space, users and figures in charge of management

The HOMeBIM liveAPP project aims to develop an interaction system between inhabitant and living space that takes into consideration the following factors: comfort, savings, energy efficiency and interfaces with building and energy managers. The system aims to simulate living virtual reality by integrating existing advanced IT solutions: environmental sensors, BIM programs and APP interpolated in a cloud platform. Another theme that the HOMeBIM project intends to achieve is the creation of a simple low cost tool to help the inhabitants of a building to check the comfort level of their housing units.

Thus it is proposed to improve, also through the adoption of simple APPs and low cost sensors that are easily installed and with pleasant aesthetics, the measurement of environmental and external parameters for monitoring the energy performance of the environment. innovative on sensor and physical data, it will allow to optimize energy consumption also according to weather forecasts, providing inhabitants with well-being and comfort data, available consumption cost curves and building system managers with indications for improvements that affect energy performance .Partner: Gfm Net (leader) – Mainlab – Lsi Lastem – Milan Polytechnic, DABC department.

Valeria Menichini

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