LSI LASTEM’s ISO 17025 accredited laboratory

LSI LASTEM’s ISO 17025 accredited laboratory

Prestigious international recognition for the LSI LASTEM ISO 17025 (LAT205) accredited laboratory by DTI, Danish Technological Institute. From an inter-laboratory comparison between 11 laboratories in 9 European countries, LSI LASTEM reports the best values of the measurement error quantification index.

The LSI LASTEM laboratory, accredited to ISO 17025 by Accredia, participated, between August 2021 and September 2022, in an inter-laboratory comparison organized by the Danish Technology Institute (DTI) on the measurement of wind speed according to EN ISO / IEC 17043: 2010,

All the laboratories had to calibrate the same traveling instrument, a DTI reference hot wire anemometer, in their wind tunnel on 11 speed values ​​from 0.25 m / s to 25 m / s. The objective of the test was the comparison between the wind speed measurement capabilities of the participating laboratories.

The LSI LASTEM laboratory (LAT 205) has shown to have a normalized error on the measurement of wind speed significantly lower than unity, reporting the best values ​​in the En index (minimum 0.0 and maximum 0.3) among all 11 laboratories. The En index quantifies the goodness of the execution of the measurement in relation to the declared uncertainty of the laboratory itself: a very low value indicates a measurement very close to the reference one and at the same time a lower uncertainty than the declared one.

Of the 11 laboratories, 6 found, however, values ​​of En higher than unity, indicative of measurements with accuracy worse than that declared, a result that did not satisfy the test.

The inter-laboratory comparison has shown how the wind tunnel and the calibration procedure of the LSI LASTEM laboratory return highly accurate and reliable values, with uncertainties largely within the declared range.

Needless to underline the importance of this excellent result of the LSI LASTEM ISO17025 accredited laboratory also in supporting the design and production of LSI LASTEM sensors, which have always been at the highest market standards in terms of measurement accuracy and reliability.

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