Sphensor: the most accurate multi-parameter sensors

Sphensor: the most accurate multi-parameter sensors

Sphensor is the new range of LSI LASTEM radio sensors designed for the continuous monitoring of thermo-hygrometric, environmental and indoor air quality parameters of indoor environment.

There are 5 multi-parameter models available and the measured parameters are:

  • temperature;
  • relative humidity;
  • atmospheric pressure;
  • illuminance;
  • UV-A radiation;
  • volatile organic component eg. VOCs;
  • carbon dioxide;
  • PM particulate matter (1, 2.5, 4, 10).


The sensors communicate via radio on 2.4Ghz frequency, transmitting data to INDOOR³ cloud platform, both on desktop and mobile, through the Sphensor Gateways router.

The cloud platform allows, in addition to data visualization, the configuration of the sensor networkworking through a modern and user-friendly user-interface. The main features are:

  • visualization and download both instantaneous and historical data;
  • calculation of derived quantities from the measured data;
  • display of diagnostic information;
  • alarm setting.

sphensor monitoraggio indoor monitoring

More new features will be available soon, such as:

  • development of monitoring projects for complex environments through the layout configuration of the monitoring area;
  • production of downloadable reports;
  • calculation of microclimate indices.

What makes Sphensor unique in the indoor monitoring market?

1 – The accuracy of the measurements

The measurements of the multi-parameter sensors meet the highest standards of market accuracy. This feature makes them ideal for monitoring critical environments, such as museums, clean rooms and laboratories and in all those cases where you want to supervise the health conditions of indoor environments, such as public buildings, workplaces, hospitals, schools, etc.

Discover the technical characteristics in the sensor datasheet.

2 – The elegant and modern design

To carry out any high quality environmental monitoring it is essential to place the sensors as close as possible to the “significant” measurement spots, for example in the proximity of an artwork or on any office desk. Certainly not hidden behind a door or directly in contact with a wall. For this reason the Sphensor sensor line was developed with an elegant and modern design, easily integrated into various indoor environments.

3 – The advanced cloud platform

Unlike other products whose software platform only allows to view data, the sensors of the Sphensor family can rely on a professional cloud platform. Indeed, the cloud platform allows the integrated management of sensor networking, the creation of monitoring projects, historical data analysis and comparison, data download, setting alarms.

sphensor monitoraggio indoor monitoring

The Sphensor range has found application in important projects of indoor monitoring both in Italy and abroad. You can find them, for example, in the Vatican Museum in Rome as well as in those of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, or in schools, universities, retirement homes, residential buildings, in Norway, France and Cyprus within the European Project H2020 COLLECTiEF for the indoor environments qualification, from the perspective of health and energy efficiency.

Sphensors are professional instruments developed to be applied in critical contexts by all those operators who make the preservation and the salubrity of indoor environments essential elements.

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