The Singapore station network is extended

The Singapore station network is extended

The network of the 43 monitoring stations already installed inside the city is expanded, many of them along roads, in parks and on roofs of buildings, with 4 new installations. Each station is powered by solar panels and sends data every hour via 3G modem to the APAQ and A-STAR servers.

LSI LASTEM, together with the Asia Pacific Air Quality Group, Pte Ltd (APAQ), a prestigious partner in Singapore, has supplied the meteorological stations of the A-STAR network (Agency for Science, Technology and Research in Singapore) as part of a monitoring project on a local scale in Singapore.

The aim of this research is the development of a modeling tool for microclimatic investigations in Singapore, one of the most highly urbanized territories in the world. These tools will help territorial planners, land planners and urban planners to design countermeasures to increase the phenomenon of the Urban Heat, typical of every large urban center concentration.

It will be possible to map the data of temperature, wind, solar radiation, radiant temperature and noise to understand and visualize the interaction of the parameters with the urban morphologies. Moreover, these instruments are able to simulate the effects of mitigating actions and advanced construction interventions to quantify the results in terms of thermal and sound comfort in the different areas of Singapore.

Valeria Menichini

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