Upgrade of the weather station at Solvay: integration with Enviro Cube

Upgrade of the weather station at Solvay: integration with Enviro Cube

The upgrade of the professional meteorological station at the Solvay group in Rosignano has just been completed. The weather station had previously been installed in the 2000s to comply with the norms and regulations regarding polluting emitted by industries.

Considering the semesteral scheduled maintenance, Solvey decided to enhance the weather station in Rosignano plant adding the new Alpha Log datalogger, allowing data integration inside the advanced Enviro Cube cloud platform.

What is the new Enviro Cube cloud platform?

The new Enviro Cube cloud platform allows data to be viewed, analyzed and downloaded in real time, both from mobile and desktop, via an internet connection.

The main features of Enviro Cube are:

  • data collected in the previous 72 hours are displayed through intuitive charts and tables;
  • historical data can be visualized and downloaded;
  • measurements aggregation of different stations on the same map;
  • alarms configuration;
  • Turc and Accumulated Precipitation modules available upon request.

The advantages of Enviro Cube include the configurability and customization by the user and the modularity, which means enabling different users with various access permissions and different features.

Why does Solvay Group continue to choose LSI LASTEM after more than 15 years?

The answer is simple: LSI LASTEM does not offer a simple product but a 360° service, that goes from the installation of the weather station by specialized technicians, to after sales support – both by telephone and on-site – to maintainance and calibration/certification.

Furthermore, since the weather station is modular it is easy for Solvay Group to upgrade it and adapt it to the evolving business needs.

LSI LASTEM collaborates with a number of primary customers both in Italy and internationally. Some examples are the installation of the weather station on the roof of the tallest building in Italy or the weather sensors for environmental monitoring in the Antarctic continent.

If you want to know more about professional meteorological stations contact LSI LASTEM.

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