A little chat with Italian Sales Director Silvio Saini

A little chat with Italian Sales Director Silvio Saini

Good morning Silvio, tell us something about yourself

I have been working in LSI LASTEM for 12 years. In the company I also found my love, with whom I am living since 2 years. I have different interests mainly related to sport: some of these, such as tennis and football, despite some ailments, I can still practice consistently. For me, sport is a very important relief valve that helps me to better deal with “critical” situations even in the workplace.

Within LSI Lastem you first played a technical role, suited to your training, and now you are sales director for Italy. How has your path evolved?

I studied electronic, a branch that I have always badly digested !! Damn the mentality of the kid who does not think with his own head, but with that of others…. Fortunately, life sometimes offers you opportunities that best fit your nature. My career path, even unconsciously and involuntarily, led me, initially as a second job and then as a main job, to sales. 
In previous jobs, which didn’t get us right with the sale of a product, I took advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves and started with secondary jobs: selling console hardware modifications, selling second-hand cell phones, reselling clothes, etc.. 
I discovered a world that I liked and in which I was also successful.
I got to LSI Lastem as a technician for maintenance and installations. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but it could still be a job enrichment that could later open up new paths for me. I also accepted thanks to the conviction expressed by the head of the service who gave me the first interview. Today, after 12 years, I am the sales manager.

Yours is one of the most delicate roles in a company, how do you interpret it?

I consider it as a role with a high degree of responsibility as it is key to the company’s result. One of the biggest difficulties is that, in order to obtain a positive outcome, I have to work not only on myself but above all on others. People tell me that at work I’m a “sergeant” … I don’t know, it’s probably true! I am convinced that to achieve the objectives you need commitment, perseverance, discipline and organization: all characteristics that I try to convey and constantly request to my team. I am happy with the relationship that has been established with my colleagues…. in the end at LSI Lastem it is a bit like being in a family!

So many responsibilities and challenges, but also great satisfactions?

Closing a successful negotiation is certainly one of the best satisfactions at work, the one that gives you the most adrenaline. About two years ago, supported by a local agent, we negotiated with a company as part of the waste cycle, which had an important turnover as a prospect. We were able to close the deal by also offering maintenance and certification services. Huge satisfaction celebrated with an excellent aperitif (during working hours it is not right to do it, but sometimes there is an exception to the rule). Another great satisfaction has been the growth of the after sales services business in recent years, of which I feel a protagonist.

Valeria Menichini

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