Weather monitoring: why choose LSI LASTEM sensors?

Weather monitoring: why choose LSI LASTEM sensors?

A reliable and high-performance weather station requires high-quality instruments that can be easily integrated into more complex systems, for example, for monitoring air quality, weather conditions for the road and transport sectors, as well as large-scale installations for the production of renewable energy.

In order to respond to any kind of request for needed applications, LSI LASTEM has always designed and developed sensors that can be perfectly integrated into any monitoring and alerts system, including those of third parties. The wide range includes sensors for measuring both the main variables such as temperature, humidity, global solar radiation, precipitation, pressure, direction and wind speed, as well as additional parameters such as net solar radiation and direct radiation, UV-A spectrum, UV-B and many others.

Microclimatic station or ready-to-use integrated system?


Microclimatic stations for multiparameter monitoring



  • Availability of standard analogue outputs 4…20 mA and digital protocols
  • 10…30 VAC/DC power supply compatible with most commonly available ultra-low voltage power supplies
  • All the elements are integrated in the sensor, including the converter, making external devices for output and power supply unnecessary
  • Quick and easy mounting to the pole, thanks to highly efficient connections and cables of different sizes
  • High electrical protections against peaks, disturbances and discharges that may occur within an installation
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