38 automatic weather & hydrological stations to modernize monitoring network in Congo

38 automatic weather & hydrological stations to modernize monitoring network in Congo

LSI LASTEM supplied and collaborated in the installation of 38 automatic weather and hydrological monitoring stations in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This project, carried out in collaboration with the “Ministère des Transports et Voies des Communications of the République Démocratique du Congo” and included in the “Projet de Renforcement des Service Hydrométéorologiques et Climatiques de la RDC” of the METTELSAT Institute, marks an important step forward in strengthening the country’s automatic weather monitoring capabilities.

Hydro-pluviometric stations

Of the 38 stations, 26 are hydro-pluviometric monitoring stations, they play an important role in the management of water resources in the region, with a focus on the Ndjili river area. Each station is equipped with a rain gauge, water level sensor and temperature and relative humidity sensors. These equipment  will allow real-time data collection, providing warnings and important information for flood prediction and prevention and, more generally, the management of water resources in the area.

Synoptic weather stations

The remaining 12 synoptic weather stations, mainly installed at local airports, provide the necessary information for METTELSAT forecasters in order to produce weather forecasts in the area. These stations are equipped with a full range of sensors capable of monitoring several parameters, including wind speed and  direction, air temperature and relative humidity, solar radiation, soil moisture  and temperature at three soil depths and atmospheric pressure.

Satellite connectivity for centralized management

All stations are connected via satellite equipment (DCP) and, where coverage allows, via GRPS modem to the Kinshasa Data Collection Centre.

Local collaboration for the success of the project

The installation was completed thanks to the commitment of the local staff of the METTELSAT organization and the Belgian company SOTRAD, under the supervision of the LSI LASTEM technicians. This collaboration demonstrates the importance of a global approach and strong partners to address environmental challenges on an international scale.

With this installation, LSI LASTEM reinforces its commitment to offering advanced solutions for meteorological monitoring, contributing to technological development and forecasting capabilities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The accompanying images offer a fascinating and detailed look at completed installations, highlighting the criticality of some installations in remote areas, but also the dedication and precision with which each station was installed to maximize the efficiency of each system.

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