Case Studies

The courtyards of Paris become Oasis

LSI Lastem microclimatic stations for outdoor applications participate in the OASIS Project in Paris.

Milan Linate airport: system for monitoring weather conditions

The installation of monitoring systems conditions at the runway of the new Milan Linate airport was completed.

Tech-Levee_Watch: a research dedicated to hydrogeological instability

LSI LASTEM participates in the Tech-Levee-Watch project, promoted by the Politecnico di Milano, the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Integrated the energy monitoring system of the Polytechnic of Turin

The monitoring system of the Politecnico di Torino has been integrated with tools for measuring the parameters useful for research on energy efficiency in buildings.

ENEL GREEN POWER Innovation Hub in Catania

Near Catania the laboratory of ENEL GREEN POWER dedicated to solar energy has haedquarters, one of the most advanced in the world

The weather station net in Myanmar

Finished the installation of 90 meteorological stations and 10 hydropluviometric stations in Myanmar for the National Meteorological Service.

Environmental monitoring system at the LAMINAM production site in Borgo Taro (PR) – Italy.

LAMINAM, an innovative company in the production of large-area and low-thickness ceramic slabs, has chosen the LSI LASTEM system

AWS and road surface condition system in Milan Malpensa Airport

The goal of the system is to adjust the mathematical model of weather forecasting and obtain detailed information about the conditions of pavements

Supply of 19 AWS to monitor solar farms in South Africa

LSI Lastem has ben chosen to supply 19 weather stations installed over the plant surface for an accurate control of the plant power production

Monitor system for heat islands reduction in the French cities

According to the opinion of many researchers, a likely effect of climate change in the coming years will be the heat waves.

PROACTIVE Project: developed the system G.R.E.T.A.

The ProActive project ( protezione del territorio con infrastrutture ICT avanzate, cittadinanza attiva, e reti sociali) started in 2013

LSI LASTEM wireless sensors inside Cappella Sistina

In collaboration with the Opificio delle Pietre Dure Institute in Florence, LSI LASTEM sensors were installed in the Sistina Chapel in Vatican City.

Weather stations for a solar plant of 223 MW capacity in Brazil

In these days we have installed six LSI LASTEM’s weather stations supplied to GreenPowerMonitor for a solar power plant of 223 MW capacity in Brazil.