LSI LASTEM sensors in the splendid setting of Gabon

LSI LASTEM sensors in the splendid setting of Gabon

Monitoring of agrometeorological conditions




LSI LASTEM solutions: quality and reliability, in compliance with the most rigorous standards

LSI LASTEM offers a wide range of instruments dedicated to monitoring agrometeorological parameters, which are characterised by maximum resistance, both in severe conditions and in the presence of strong thermal and hygrometric variations.


The advantages of agrometeorological monitoring

Accurate long-term agrometeorological observations contribute to the definition of precise environmental policy guidelines as they allow the interaction between agronomic practices and hydro-meteorological conditions to be correlated. In other words, recording these variables allows us to identify the most suitable crop species with respect to a given context, in order to maximize local production. For this purpose, various parameters are measured in this process such as solar radiation, atmospheric pressure, air and soil temperature and humidity, precipitation, leaf wetness, cloud cover, evaporation and wind.


In recent years, Gabon has implemented a series of initiatives aimed at encouraging the diversification of its production activities. One of the main objectives is to strengthen the agricultural sector and reduce imports. In this setting, a project by ADASA Sistemasa world leader in water, environmental and meteorological technologies – took place and LSI LASTEM solutions were chosen for 6 agrometeorological stations in the Country.
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