Environmental monitoring at the LAMINAM production site in Borgo Taro (PR)

Environmental monitoring at the LAMINAM production site in Borgo Taro (PR)

LAMINAM, an innovative company in the production of large-area and low-thickness ceramic slabs, which owns the patent, has chosen the LSI LASTEM system for environmental monitoring.

LAMINAM uses a highly automated production system to produce a revolutionary ceramic slab of large size in a variety of thicknesses, thanks to sophisticated technologies, refined cutting-edge decoration systems and dry cutting systems that reduce water consumption and purification costs. Always attentive to energy and environmental issues LAMINAM has placed at the base of its production system the energy recycling, the use of natural raw materials, sustainable technologies (low energy consumption, zero polluting emissions, minimum CO2 emissions) and entirely recyclable products these are the pillars on which LAMINAM’s eco-compatible approach is based.

The production processes emit only water vapor into the atmosphere, production waste is reused for other applications without exploiting further resources, and the characteristics of lightness and encumbrance of the products allow to limit the environmental impact of transport, compared to similar traditional products. This focus on atmospheric emissions and pollution issues has led LAMINAM to adopt a complete monitoring system and data service via the web. A simple solution that LSI Lastem offers to all those who want to monitor the environment without having to worry about managing the instrumentation.

LSI Lastem takes care of installing, maintaining and managing data making it available to customers on the web platform, taking care of the periodic backup and the preparation of customized reports.

Valeria Menichini

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