Milan Linate airport: monitoring weather conditions

Milan Linate airport: monitoring weather conditions

The installation of the monitoring systems at the runway of the new Milan Linate airport was completed.

Runway no. 3, which runs along the North-South trajectory, was equipped with n. 3 measuring points of the asphalt state. The sensors were drowned in the asphalt during the restoration works of the track and are connected with the fiber to the Alpha-Log datalogger that collects, stores and sends data to the airport servers for air flight safety checks. The three meteorological stations located at the edge of the maneuvering areas, they allow the collection of real-time data on the meteorological conditions on the terminal. A final step, to be carried out in the coming weeks, involves the publication of data on a dedicated web platform available to the control facilities. our system is integrated in the new and complex update of the airport runway, which will guarantee greater safety during take-off, landing and taxiing operations.

Valeria Menichini

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