GIT 2021

GIT 2021

20th - 21th December 2021

XV National Conference of the Section of Geosciences and Information Technologies GIT

LSI LASTEM presented the G.Re.T.A. system for the geoelectric monitoring of hydrogeological processes with a view to reducing the risk associated with earth structures, during the Session:


The session focuses on the analysis of hydrological dynamics, sediment and instability phenomena (e.g., sudden floods, debris flows, landslides) through the acquisition of data derived from survey campaigns high resolution topographic (e.g., Structure from Motion, Terrestrial Laser Scanner, aerial LiDAR), instrumental monitoring for alert and / or research purposes, satellite and / or remote monitoring and application
of spatial analysis techniques based on the use of GIS and geomorphometric techniques. They are encouraged approaches for the acquisition and processing of high resolution data also from a multitemporal analysis perspective.
Contributions may also deal in detail with the innovative technologies used in the installed sensors, in the transmission and management of data and in the development of any web / software platforms for management
of stations and the interface with stakeholders.
In addition, the session intends to enhance issues related to the development of GIS applications for analysis and management of the spatial data. The quantitative analysis of the data collected can highlight the strengths of the approach adopted and suggest new methodological criteria, also considering the effects of uncertainties relating to geo-
environmental or simplifications introduced in the models. Approaches that are also welcome in the session support, in addition to technological and scientific innovation, also the validity of the analysis techniques in the field forecasting, management or alert in a context of synergy with the actors of Civil Protection. They are hoped for also those works that, leveraging on the monitoring data and on the characterization of the dynamics of processes, are able to develop effective approaches for a more precise and effective communication and perception
risk itself.


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Greta Tresoldi

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