REMTECH EXPO – Event 2019


18 september - 20 setptember 2019

LSI LASTEM presents the G.Re.T.A. at REMTECH EXPO 2019, the event on reclamation of contaminated sites, protection and redevelopment of the territory. It is the only instrument on the market for permanent geoelectric monitoring of the conditions of large tracts of subsoil.

The fields of application of G.Re.T.A. they are multiple:

  • protection against the risk of breakage of embankments on the ground and embankments;
  • protection from the risk of contamination from pollutants in the ground • monitoring of salt intrusions in groundwater;
  • efficiency improvement in the use of water in precision agriculture;
  • permanent monitoring of overt risk, such as landslides, chasms, underground cavities.

We are waiting for you at Hall 4 stand # 124

Valeria Menichini

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