This product allows user to load data recorded by LSI LASTEM dataloggers in a Gidas database and to create SYNOP standard bulletins.

Version released on 15/12/2016 11:45:48 upgradable from version

  • Fixed occasional error in the determination of the date of the new Bulletin modifying the month
  • Adding formatting of the measures in the display of the Bulletin in debug mode

Version released on 29/09/2016 11:38:22 upgradable from version

  • Updated the management of the database Gidas
  • Updated updates verification system
  • Edited some texts

Version released on 16/02/2009 15:57:31 upgradable from version

  • Corrected the assignment of the group of pressure 333 58P24: the program assigned erroneously the channel of precipitation.

Version released on 02/02/2009 16:24:44 upgradable from version

  • Rebuilder for compatibility with the GIDAS libraries

Version released on 10/12/2008 11:04:33 upgradable from version

  • Corrected the generation of the error in the case in which the channel of sunshine is present but the two channels of radiation have not been configurated: during the generation of the bulletin an error was signalled even if the bulletin was correctly created.
  • Corrected the visualization of the hourly UTC of the next bulletin in the status bar, previously calculated beginning from the current time (the bulletin was producted to the correct time however).

Corrected the representation of the wind direction when the value is between 0 and 4,9 degree.


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