Data Loggers

Radiazione solare (Irradianza globale)


Alpha-Log is the most powerful data logger in the LSI Lastem family. With 400MB of internal memory and the removable memory up to 32GB it is suitable to be integrated also in complex systems



Pluvi-ONE is a data logger dedicated to monitoring rain and other quantities connected to hydrometric applications also for the management of emergencies

E-Log 01


E-Log, equipped with specific inputs for a wide range of sensors and calculations of derived quantities, has been designed for environmental applications even in extreme conditions

M-Log 01


M-Log is a compact data logger for environmental indoor and outdoor applications. It can be fixed to tripods or inside IP65 boxes

R-Log 01


R-Log gives the utmost flexibility in terms of multiple measurement design. And, thanks to its radio technology, it’s also a multi-position measurement system