Indoor environment sensors

connettore Min Din 01


Wide range of air temperature, radiant temperature, surface temperature, water temperature and wet bulb temperature sensors.


Temperature and relative humidity

Psychrometer sensors (wet&dry bulbs) and capacitive hygrometers.

anemometro connettore 3

Air speed

Hot wire and fan anemometer for air speed measurement.

Differential pressure sensor. (7 pin connector)

Air pressure

Differential pressure sensors (Delta P).

Portable Lux sensor. 0 - 25.000 lx range


Lux sensors for portable applications.

radiometro netto

Thermal flow

Heat flux on walls or soil and net radiometers for radiant asymmetry measurements.

sensori co 1


Gas sensors to measure the most common gas (indoor air quality) in indoor applications.

sensori multiparametrici

Multiparameter Sensors

Multiparameter sensors for multipoint measurements of indoor environmental quantities.