Differential pressure

Piezoresistive sensors for measuring differential pressure

Differential pressure sensors for air and for non-corrosive and non-ionic gases. This sensor measures the pressure in two distinct environments using two silicone tubes and directly provides the difference of the two measurements.

They can be used together with Pitot tubes to measure air velocity. LSI Lastem sensors can directly calculate the air velocity from the differential pressure measurement.

Differential pressure


  • Piezometric differential pressure sensors;
  • Measurement of the pressure in the two environ-ments using the included silicon tubes. The sensor directly provides the difference of the two values;
  • Typical sector in which differential pressure sensor is applied is HVAC: verification of filters in the pipes, measurement of air flow in ventilation systems, testing of over-pressure environments;
  • Suitable for measuring the air speed when connected to Pitot tubes. When used with LSI Lastem’s data log-gers, air speed values are directly calculated in m/s. Air flow and Air changes are also provided;
  • ISO17025 accreditated internal laboratory for air speed measurements with Pitot tubes.

Differential pressure

Models Available

Differential pressure sensor. (7 pin connector)

Output 4 – 20 mA

Code: DQE524

LSI Lastem connector
Differential pressure sensor. Mini-DIN connector

Output 60 – 300 m

Code: ESP024

Mini-DIN connector
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Differential pressure