NH3 sensors


Range of sensors for measuring gas concentration in indoor environments. The line includes sensors with cables and mini-DIN connectors, to be used with LSI Lastem data loggers type M-Log (ELO009) and R-Log (ELR510.1) and sensors with 4-20 mA output that can be used by third party systems or LSI Lastem data logger with inputs terminal block. The sensors are based on electrochemical cell technology. Only the CO2 sensors are based on infra-red cell technology and the VOCs sensors on the PID cell technology.

NH3 sensors


  • Wide range of sensors optimized for indoor air quality monitoring;
  • Portable and stand-alone applications in indoor environments;
  • Possibility to calibrate the sensor using “zero” and “span” trimmers. Not for CO2;
  • 4-20 mA output, free wires cable L.10 m (DSOxxx se-ries). mV output and cable with MiniDIN connector type (ESOxxx series).

NH3 sensors

Available Models

NH3 sensors

NH3 sensor (0÷50 ppm). Mini-DIN connector

Code: ESO115

Sensor for measuring Ammonia in indoor applications. Cable with Mini-Din connector for LSI LASTEM data loggers with connector input type.
NH3 sensors

NH3 sensor (0÷50 ppm). 4-20 mA output

Code: DSO116A

Sensor for measuring Ammonia in indoor applications. Cable L.10 m and free wires.