Luxmetric sensors for measuring illuminance

Luxmeter probe to measure illuminance in indoor applications according to the response of the human eye (Vlamba CIE curve).
Models are available for different measuring ranges suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.



  • Lux sensor with filter for human eye response;
  • Different measurement ranges according to the application requirements;
  • Optimazed cosine response to better represent the illuminance on the receiving surface;
  • Class B sensor according to UNI1142 standard;
  • Equipped with high quality interferential filters cove-red by opaline plexiglass diffuser.


Available Models

luxmetro luxometer

Portable Lux sensor 0-5.000 lx range

Code: ESR000

Resolution 0,05 lx
luxmetro luxometer

Portable Lux sensor 0 - 25.000 lx range

Code: ESR001

Resolution 3 lx
luxmetro luxometer

Portable Lux sensor 0 - 100.000 lx range

Code: ESR003

Resolution 10 lx
documents LSI Lastem



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