connettore Min Din 01

Air temperature

Pt100 air temperature sensors for indoor use and, if coupled to a radiant screen, suitable for outdoor weather applications.

Surface contact temperature

Surface temperature

Plate sensor for temperature measurements in contact with surfaces. The compact size allows it to be installed even in small spaces.

sensore aria e pavimento

Floor and air temperature

Sensor for measuring the surface temperature of the floor and air at a distance of 10 cm. from the floor.

sensori acqua e solidi 1

Water and solid temperature

Pt100 sensor (1/3 DIN Class A) for measuring the temperature in liquids or materials. Watertight sensors in AISI304 stainless steel.


Globe temperature

Radiant temperature sensor (Pt100 output).

sensore ventilazione naturale

Wet bulb temperature

Naturally ventilated wet bulb temperature sensor.