Floor surface and air temperature

Useful for calculating localized comfort

Sensor for measuring the floor surface temperature and air temperature at a distance of 10 cm. from the floor.

The sensor is mounted inside a bayonet system, for which it is easily resting on the floor without special fixing systems. This sensor finds application in the testing of heated floors and evaluation of localized comfort (according to the ISO7730 standard), given by the temperature of the floor and the temperature gradient, both for these indices are calculated directly by the M-Log data loggers, when combined with another air temperature sensor (type EST033), mounted at a height of 1.1 m.

Floor surface and air temperature


  • Double sensor for measuring the temperature in contact with the floor and the air temperature at 10 cm from the floor;
  • Used for the calculation of localized discomfort indices according to ISO7730: Dissatisfied by floor temperature and % dissatisfied by temperature differences. LSI Lastem’s data loggers can directly calculate such indexes;
  • Ideal for portable applications, it does not require spe-cial precautions to fix the sensor to the floor;
  • Pt100 sensors with 0.15 °C accuracy;
  • Connection to M/R-Log (ELO009-ELR510.1) data logger;
  • In-house calibration laboratory ISO17025 accreditated.

Floor surface and air temperature

Available Models

sensore temperatura aria e pavimento Floor surface and air temperature

Output n. 2 Pt100 ½ DIN A

Codice: EST130

Cable L. = 2 m.
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Floor surface and air temperature


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