Net radiometer

Sensor for measuring the radiant heat flow

Net radiometer is also designed for environments with low air velocities in which it is possible to obtain a measurement close to the plane average radiant temperature with the direction of the heat flow. The integrated air temperature sensor allows the calculation of the planar radiant asymmetry value on the three axes.
Portable use is possible or can be attached to a stand for extended measurements.

Net radiometer


  • Sensor for measuring the radiant heat flow between two opposite faces of a flat element.
  • Integrated temperature sensor used to obtain the Planar Radiant Asymmetry
  • When connected to M/R-Log, it is possible to obtain a range of parameters related to the radiant asymmetry and local discomfort index as described in the ISO7726 and ISO7730 standards
  • Measurement of the Planar Radiant Asymmetry on three axes of the space.
  • Fast response time

Net radiometer

Available Models

radiometro netto Net radiometer

Double MiniDIN connector

Code: PPRDA0110

Net radiometer. Cable L = 1 m
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Net radiometer


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