Meteorological sensors

Air Temperature 01


Wide range of sensors for temperature measurement for meteorological applications.

Air temperature and Relative Humidity

Air Temperature and Relative Humidity

Thermohygrometers specifically designed for meteorological applications where measurements may be required in the presence of strong thermal and hygrometric gradients.



Wide range of rain gauges for measuring the quantity and intensity of precipitation. Class A models.

direzione e velocità del vento

Speed and direction wind

Wide range of tacogonioanemometers for measuring wind speed and direction, also suitable for extreme climatic conditions.

sensori all in one 01

All-in-One sensors

Sensors that integrate a sonic anemometer, a thermohygrometer and a barometer in a single body. Can also be integrated into third party systems.

pirometro 01

Solar radiation

Radiometers for measuring global, net, diffuse, direct incident long and short wave radiation. UV-A, UV-B and insolation duration sensors.

pressione atmosferica

Atmospheric pressure

Barometers designed for very accurate measurements are intended for professional use. Models also available for integration into third-party systems.

Snow level sensor

Snow level sensor

Ultrasonic sensor for measuring the distance or height of the snow, intensity and duration of the snowfall. Designed to withstand harsh environments.

Storm front distance

Storm front distance

Sensor for measuring the distance of electrical emissions into the atmosphere in a radius of about 40 km. Optimized to eliminate noisy signals.

Rain presence

Rain presence

Sensor used to discriminate precipitation from condensate, in particular in agrometeorology for the calculation of triggering indices of plant diseases.

bagnatura fogliare

Wetness presence

Sensor used to determine the presence and persistence of water drops on the two leaf surfaces, important indicators of phytopathological risks.

Sensori di concentrazione di particolato

Particulate concentration sensor

The fine dust sensors are optical sensors for continuous measurement and control of fine dust contents, three particulate sizes are available.

temperatura e contenuto idrico

Soil moisture and temperature sensor

Sensors based on TDR technology for measurements of water content in soil and other porous materials.



Evaporimetric system in steel designed according to the Class A standard of the W.M.O. Automatic water refilling system.



Sensors for measuring visibility, designed to quantify up to 2km: fog, mist, dust and other phenomena of reduction of the visual field.