Radiant temperature

Globe thermometer for measuring the radiant temperature

The standard globe thermometer consists of a black-painted copper sphere with a diameter of 150 mm and a thickness of 0.4 mm. It contains a thermometer with its bulb at the center of the sphere. This sensor is described in the ISO7726 standard. Main scope of the radiant temperature measurement in meteorological applications is the possibility of estimate the Mean Radiant Temperature (Tmrt) which is one of the most important meteorological parameters governing human energy balance and the thermal comfort of man in micrometeorological measurements.

Radiant temperature


  • Accurate temperature measurement (0,1°C)
  • Design made in compliance to ISO7726 standard High absorbtion paint on the copper globe (>0,98)
  • P66 protection rate
  • Availability of extrnal converters for 4-20 mA e Mod-bus-RTU outputs
  • In-house ISO17025 calibration laboratory

Radiant temperature

Available Models

Radiant temperature sensor TG

Globe thermometer

Code: DMA131

Standard ISO7726
documents LSI Lastem

Radiant temperature