Soil moisture and temperature

Sensors for measuring the temperature and volumetric content of water

Series of sensors designed to measure inside soils or other porous materials.

Soil moisture and temperature sensor

Available Models

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Soil temperature sensor

Sensor for measuring the surface or depth temperature
This sensor is used for temperature measurement on soil surface or buried in the soil at the required depth. It is made of a tightly waterproof shank and it can be also used for water temperature measurements.
  • Buriable to any depth to allow working upper soil layer, without creating air pockets that facilitate the entry of water from the cable insertion hole;
  • Water-proof sensor (IP67) even for water temperature measurements;
  • 4-wires Pt100 technology for a better accuracy even in case of long connection cable;
  • Made in AISI 304 stain-less steel;
  • In-house ISO17025 calibration laboratory.
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Pt100 ½ DIN B

Cable L. = 10 m.
Code: DLE041A
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Soil moisture and temperature sensor

Sensor with TDR technology (Time Domain Reflectometry)
This sensor is the ideal solution for the measurement of volumetric moisture in soils and other porous materials. The sensor is based on TDR technology (Time Domain Reflectometry), ensuring good accuracy even in very wet soils, and without special calibration for mineral soils. Using its rods, the sensor can be inserted in the material for 11 cm or fully burried inside the soild. It measures both soil moisture (0-100% range) and temperature.
  • TDR (Time Domain Reflectrometry) technology;
  • Water volume % and soil temperature measurements;
  • Very good accuracy: < 2%;
  • Half meter cubic sample volume for water volume;
  • Buriable to any depth to allow working upper soil layer
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Cable L. = 5 m.
Code: DQA340
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Soil moisture and temperature sensor


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