Wide measurement range

Luxmeter probes to measure illuminance in long term outdoor applications according to the response of the human eye (Vlamba CIE curve). The sensing element is a photodiode with optical filter with interferential deposition in order to improve spectral transmission. To convert the signal output to 4÷20 mA or Modbus, it is possible to use STB or MSB converters.



  • IP66 lux sensor for outdoor measurements of illuminance intensity in lx (ESR003.1);
  • Wide measurement range, up to 150.000 lx for outdoors(ESR003.1);
  • Accessories for 4÷20 mA and RS-485 signal output.


Available Models

luxmetro Luxmeter

Luxmeter 0÷150 KLux

Code: ESR003A.1

Luxmeter probe to measure illuminance in long term outdoor applications.
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