PAR radiometer, Luxmeter

Wide measurement range

Luxmeter probes to measure illuminance in long term outdoor applications according to the response of the human eye (Vlamba CIE curve). The sensing element is a photodiode with optical filter with interferential deposition in order to improve spectral transmission. DPA808 radiometer with broad spectral response measures the atmospheric irradiance in the PAR (Photosynthetic active radiation) spectral range. It has an optical-quality glass dome optimizing the cosine response. To convert the signal output to 4÷20 mA or Modbus, it is possible to use STB or MSB converters.

PAR radiometer, Luxmeter


  • Photosynthetic Active radiation sensor to measure the quantity of radiation, in the specific wave-bande, used by the vegetation to activate their photosyntesy process. (DPA008);
  • IP66 lux sensor for outdoor measurements of illuminance intensity in lx (ESR003);
  • Wide measurement range, up to 150.000 lx for outdoors(ESR003);
  • Accessories for 4÷20 mA and RS-485 signal output.

PAR radiometer, Luxmeter

Available Models

Radiometri PAR, Luxmetri

Luxmeter 0÷150 KLux

Code: ESR003.1

Luxmeter probe to measure illuminance in long term outdoor applications.
Radiometri PAR, Luxmetri

PAR radiometer

Code: DPA008

Radiometer with broad spectral response for measuring of atmospheric irradiance in the PAR (Photosynthetic active radiation).
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PAR radiometer, Luxmeter