Solar radiation (net)

High sensitivity thermopile technology

Net radiometers are sensors for measuring net radiation, i.e. the balance between the incoming sun and sky radiation and the ground-reflected short-wave and ground-emitted long-wave radiation. The primary sensitive element is a high sensitivi-ty thermopile.

Solar radiation (net)


  • Net radiation measurement. Net between the radia-tion coming from the sky and radiation from the ground (reflected and emitted) within 0,3÷50 μm wave band;
  • Based on thermopile tecnology, assuring fast respon-se time and low sensibility to the wind speed which is the main issue for other technologies as “black-body” radiometers;
  • Versions with μV output and 4÷20 mA;
  • Accessories for RS485-Modbus RTU output from DPA240 model.

Solar radiation (net)

Available Models

Solar radiation (net)

Net radiometer, analog output

Code: DPA840

Net radiation sensor. Analog output 0/4-20 mA, 10-30 Vac/dc power supply
Solar radiation (net)4

Net radiometer, direct output

Code: DPA240

Net radiation sensor. Direct output (uV) from thermopile
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Solar radiation (net)