Net solar radiation

High sensitivity thermopile technology

Sensor for measuring net solar radiation: the difference between the incident radiation from the sun and the atmosphere and the component reflected (short wave) and re-emitted (long wave) from the ground.

The sensor consists of two surfaces to be positioned parallel to the ground: the upper one measures the incoming solar radiation made up of direct and diffused radiation, the lower surface instead measures the radiation reflected and emitted from the ground. The difference between these two values is the measure of net radiation, which on clear days is positive during the day and negative during the night.

The instrument is designed and built to be used even in extreme weather conditions.

Solar radiation (net)


  • Measurement of the net radiation between that coming from the sky and that coming from the ground (reflected and emitted) in the 0.3÷50 μm band;
  • Based on thermopile technology that ensures a fast response time and a substantial insensitivity to wind speed, which is the major problem of sensors based on other technologies such as “black bodies”;
  • Uniform absorption of radiation from ultraviolet to far infrared;
  • Versions with μV output and 4÷20 mA output;
  • Accessories for obtaining RS485-Modbus RTU output from the DPA240 model.

Solar radiation (net)

Available Models

radiazione-solare-netta 1 Net solar radiation

Net radiometer, analog output

Code: DPA840 / PRRDA0130

Net radiation sensor. Analog output 0/4-20 mA, 10-30 Vac/dc power supply
radiazione-solare-netta-4 Net solar radiation

Net radiometer, direct output

Code: DPA240 / PRRDA0100A

Net radiation sensor. Direct output (uV) from thermopile
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Solar radiation (net)


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  • This document is not available for download, please contact our Sales Department