Surface contact temperature

Sensors for measuring the surface temperature even in severe environments

Plate-made sensor for surface temperature measurements. Its compact dimensions facilitate installation even in small spaces. It can be easily fixed using sylicon, adhesive band or thermoconductive paste.

Surface contact temperature


  • Robust sensor for outdoor application even in severe environmental conditions;
  • 4 wires Pt100 technology for long distance cable connections;
  • Ideal for PV module surface temperature measurements;
  • Pt100 1/3 DIN B Class AA sensitive element for outstanding accuracy (0.1°C);
  • Flat cable for cabling in narrow path;
  • Accessories for 4-20 mA and RS485 signal output;
  • Internal ISO17025 accreditated calibration laboratory

Surface contact temperature

Available Models

Temperatura a contatto

Free wires

Code: DLE124A

Polyurethane coated cable L.20 m
Temperatura a contatto Surface contact temperature

Male connector for DWA5* cables

Code: DLE124A.1

LSI Lastem connector – polyurethane coated cable L. = 20 m.
Temperatura a contatto Surface contact temperature

Mini-Din connector

Code: EST124

MiniDIN connector suitable for indoor use.
documents LSI Lastem

Surface contact temperature