Acidity and basicity in the materials

Instrument designed for measuring the pH of leachate

PH measurement system in liquids with a high fraction of suspended solids such as leachate. The control unit has a programmable 4 ÷ 20 mA output with free wires, is equipped with a keyboard for programming and calibrating the probe. The acquired data can be viewed on the display.

Thanks to the intuitive programming menu it is very easy to start and control the dosing system.

RS485 serial port for remote set up and acquisition in real time or to download recorded data on a PC or laptop, through the MODBUS RTU communication protocol.

The probe can be used for measurement thanks to the immersion sensor holder.

Acidity and basicity in the materials


  • Possibility of sensor calibration by inserting the probe in a sample solution;
  • 2 RS485 Serial Ports;
  • 2 Programmable Analog Outputs for measurement;
  • 2 Relay outputs for intervention thresholds;
  • 1 Relay Output for Instrument Anomaly Alarm.
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Acidity and basicity in the materials